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After i get the sample of this product and tried it for almost a month, i decide to buy THREE Balancing Soap Bar.

Well anyway... for those who does not well aware about the brand : THREE,  i will spare my wisdom especially for you guys.

THREE is Japanese skincare that acclaimed all of their products are contain of more than 80% of natural and organic ingredients. One of their main ingredients is botanical essential oil which not only save for the skin but also relaxing. cool rite..


Why as i choose this product as my daily routine skincare is because i tried to release my dependency of skincare that made by my aesthetic doctor that i used since 5 years ago.

After i tried THREE Balancing Soap Bar, i could feel the difference in my skin after a month i used it and it shown as my face become brighter, moist and does not cause allergies. It's also quickly yields soft and fine lather just by rolling it in your hands a few times. The moisture-rich fine foam gently draws out dead skin cells and impurities from the pores to make the skin clean and luminous

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THREE is made of more than 80% natural ingredients which i believe everything coming from mother earth is nit harmful for every human who's walking in this earth plus all their product is non animal tested. 

Actually THREE Balancing Soap Bar is one of product series from THREE Balancing Line which i believe if follow all the steps my skin will be more healthy and bright. How to achieve my goal is to follow this steps : 

  1. CLEANSING with THREE balancing Oil which this product is THREE best selling item 
  2. WASHING with THREE balancing Soap Bar OR THREE Balancing Foam (I've tried this before but i put my heart more into the soap bar ^^).
  3. MOISTURIZING with using THREE Balancing Lotion.
  4. PROTECTING with THREE Balancing Cream & THREE Balancing UV Protection as their the perfect duo to protect your skin from evil UV rays.

As i mentioned above there is 4 steps to achieve brighter and luminous skin by using THREE Balancing Line BUT i know for us guys we don't want all of our morning spend only to put all of beauty routine. i suggest to follow only WASHING and go directly to PROTECTING (but this is my cheat trick, if you guys have suggestion for maen beauty routine cheat tricks tell me your).


Before you buy something please make sure that you ask for sample first, and tried it for at least a month then you know if the product is suitable for you OR not ^^.

OK guys i will share my wisdom and my beauty routines of using THREE Balancing Line. You guys could check for the complete product information of all THREE products. 

See you on the next review guys  and thank you for those whoe read (and Love) my article.

Mr Demsy

Mr Demsy

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